Inspired or why it sucks to be a fanfiction writer sometimes…


So, you start a new show.  It’s amazing.  You love it.  The characters are cool and the story line is fun.  You grab your computer.  You look at fan art and check out the coolest fan theories.  Then, because you’re a writer, you get inspired.  So you open up your preferred writing program and spit out approximately 3000 words worth of fanfiction for one particular theory/headcanon that you love.  It’s fantastic.  You love it.  It’s not perfect but you adore the story that you’ve created.  You start to dream big about how it could be your next multi-chaptered fic if people seem interested enough.

Then, the worst hits…

The new episodes/season/reveals come out.  That fantastic story line you came up with… is so horrifically off canon that it isn’t even on the freaking boat anymore.  Which is depressing because you lovingly crafted it from your head canons/theories and the preexisting knowledge of characters and story arc.  Now, you’re left with one of two options.

Number 1

Take and submit this beautiful but horribly off canon piece as a one shot and let it exist as a phantom of what could’ve been.

Number 2

Scrap it all.  Take it and pour gasoline upon it’s pages and light the match.  Watch it go up in flames like all the rest of your dreams.

You carefully debate on which to do.  You agonize.  And as you agonize… you fall even more in love with the story plot.  It’s got huge potential for action, adventure, and heart.  You imagine what could’ve been.  How you could’ve turned some wild plot bunny into a majestic steed.  Yes you’re in love with this story.  Maybe, you think… it could be possible to wait and adapt it so that it isn’t so off canon.  Yes, that’s possible.

However, you’re inspired now!  Your fingers itch to be on the keyboard.  Prose is tumbling around your brain like a waterfall.  Witty dialogue is on the tip of your brain, making you snort in public much to your own embarrassment.  Then the whisper comes…

Why does it have to be fanfiction…

Your story can easily become original fiction.  Your hands shake.  In your brain you’ve already contemplated original characters.  Ones that would fit the story.  Characters that could lead the story.  Ones that you know will create a different feel than the source material.

You think, “YES!” This is what I will do.  I will write this fanfiction as an original story.

You put your fingers to your keyboard to write, to dive in.  Then you hear it coming from your WIP folder.  It starts off as a murmuring that grows into a whisper.  It swells so that the voices become nondescript.  Except for one that rises above the chaos…


What do you guys say?

Would you turn a fanfiction idea into an original story or would you let it rest in the realm of Alternate Universe?  There is an audience for both.  Let me know in the comments below or by answering this cool poll!

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