Writing Prompt #38

library secrets

“Library Secrets”

The first time my mom ever took me to the library, I was certain that it was a magic place.  Okay, so maybe not magic.  However, if books are portals to other worlds then certainly libraries are what connects us to those other worlds.  My overprotective mind used to concoct situations in which there was a literal secret passage through the library that lead to these other worlds.

Maybe the library in your story doesn’t have a secret passage to another world.  Perhaps your characters have taken refuge in a library in the middle of an invasion and there just happens to be a secret tunnel that leads them to safety.  Your story could revolve around who built the passageway or even why it was lost to time.  It’s up to you!

Writing Prompt #38

There’s a hidden passageway beneath the library.  Many have searched for it but none have found it… until now.

Remember!  Anything that you write using this prompt for inspiration is one hundred percent yours!  Tweak this prompt to fit your needs or use it as a jumping point to start your novel, short story, or chapter!

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