Writing Prompt #40

escort mission

“Escort Mission”

You know those missions in video games where you have to escort a person or a caravan to another part of the map?  Usually there are a bunch of monsters that exist to shoot at you and make the escort mission a nightmare.  These missions tend to make me want to pull my hair out because of the stress.  This feeling served as my inspiration for this prompt.  In a fantasy setting, it would probably be the person who was the best at these missions that would be assigned to them all the time.  I can only imagine their frustration.  Now it’s up to you to write it.

Writing Prompt #40

Person 1: “I hate escort missions.”
Person 2: “You’re the best at them though.  Never lost a person.”
Person 1: “I hate escort missions.”

Remember!  Anything that you write using this prompt for inspiration is one hundred percent yours!  Tweak this prompt to fit your needs or use it as a jumping point to start your novel, short story, or chapter!

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