Writing Prompt #43



Have you guys ever seen this picture?  I love it.  The girl looking into a strange, ornate, and old mirror and seeing angel wings where they don’t belong.  It serves as my inspiration for today’s prompt.  Think about what else your character could see in the mirror.  Maybe he or she sees that they have a pair of long horns or some kind of tail.  What does this reflection mean?  Is it some flight of fancy or a trick of the imagination?  Perhaps this mirror shows the truth and your character isn’t completely human.  It’s up to you to decide!

Writing Prompt #43

You are wandering the halls of an old mansion when you discover a mirror.  There is something wrong with your reflection though.  The mirror shows you with a physical feature you don’t have.

Remember!  Anything that you write using this prompt for inspiration is one hundred percent yours!  Tweak this prompt to fit your needs or use it as a jumping point to start your novel, short story, or chapter!

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