Writing Prompt #50


“Useful Trinkets”

Think about walking through the market.  You’re looking for something but you’re not entirely sure what it is.  Maybe you’re setting off on a quest  soon and you’re trying to fill your pack with things.  Perhaps you have this sinking feeling that you’re missing something vital.  Whatever it is, you happen across a small store at the very back of the market.  The merchant calls out to you, beckoning you closer.  None of their items make a lot of sense.  They’re weird.  However, they assure you that what ever you chose will come in handy.

Writing Prompt #50

The merchant at the very back of the market sells the strangest but most useful trinkets.

Remember!  Anything that you write using this prompt for inspiration is one hundred percent yours!  Tweak this prompt to fit your needs or use it as a jumping point to start your novel, short story, or chapter!

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