Boring (Adventures in Writing…)

This scene is boring.  How can I spice it up?  Add small children that will be caught up in a monster fight to come.

Yep… that will work…

I think I have a problem.

To clarify: no children will be killed, maimed, or harmed in the making of this scene.

What is this post?

This is an “Adventures in Writing…” post.  Originally started on my Tumblr,, I’ve decided to carry it over on to my official website.  Usually these small snippets of my personal thoughts are intended to be funny but oftentimes are only funny to me.  Not completely unusual.  That’s how most of my humor falls.  Periodically, I post these as I write to share my personal thoughts on what’s going through my head at that given moment.

I’m going to continue to post “Adventures in Writing…” here simply because I want to try it out as content.  I also like the idea of having another space to vent my frustrations as I write.  Writing shouldn’t be a solitary craft.  Sharing our thoughts while we write is crucial to overcome writer’s block and keep the words flowing.

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