Writing Prompt #58



A monster stands in front of your character.  Their reputation befits them. Others call them a savage.  A beast that has committed unspeakable evils in the past.  However, your character has just discovered they must work with this monster. What is the reason your character must team up with this monster?  How does your character react to this line uttered by the monster?  How does this monster say it?  Perhaps they leer down at your character and give a twisted smile.  Maybe they are more somber in their response.  Is it possible that the monster is truly as savage as their nickname insinuates?  Tell this story!

Writing Prompt #58

“They call me a savage.  You can tell me when this is all over if it is an appropriate nickname.”

Remember!  Anything that you write using this prompt for inspiration is one hundred percent yours!  Tweak this prompt to fit your needs or use it as a jumping point to start your novel, short story, or chapter!

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