Writing Prompt #59

snowy journey

“Snowy Journey”

It is cold.  So cold that you can see your breath every time you exhale.  Each inhale is a stab at your lungs.  The snowy journey you’re about to set out on is one of great importance.  Your horse paws at the ground impatiently, kicking up some of snow that’s accumulated on the ground already.  You have your reservations about the trip before you but it is absolutely imperative that you reach your destination.  What is it that pulls you away from home on such a cold, snowy day and why is it so important?  What challenges do you now face with the impending weather?  Is it the dead of winter or just the start of it? Why must it be you that completes it?

Writing Prompt #59

Fluffy, white snow collected on the horse’s neck.  The journey wasn’t only going to be a long one but a cold one as well.

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