Writing Prompt #65

love stories

Writing Prompt #65

Love Stories

No matter what she did, the children saw love stories in every picture.

After Monday’s prompt, it seemed fitting that I give one that felt a little more upbeat.  I drew inspiration for this prompt from a Girl Scout troop I lead for a time.  We happened to be working on a painting badge and I was showing them my Pinterest boards for inspiration.  However, it didn’t matter what kind of image I showed them because the only thing that they saw was romances.  I’m smiling thinking back on the lovestruck looks on eight and nine-year-old faces.

I challenge you to write some sort of piece in which children view the world through a softer and more rose-tinted glass than their adult counterparts.  They might be a little naive but sometimes we need a child’s view on things.

If this prompt isn’t really what you’re looking for today then check out some of my other prompts.  Remember, anything you write is one hundred percent yours.  No need to give credit.  However, if you would like to share your piece with me, I would love to give it a read.  Send me the link via social media or leave it in the comments below.  I might even share it with other readers.

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