Writing Prompt #66

desert door

Writing Prompt #66

Desert Door

Their silent guide stood at the edge of the cliff and raised his hand to point across the desert.  There was the door they’d been told to seek.

After two days of romantic prompts this week, please have an adventure prompt.   A nice change of pace if you ask me.  I challenge you to write something about a group of adventurers searching through the desert for a door.  What do they hope to find beyond this door?  Do they seek treasure or are they after forbidden knowledge?  Have they faced any significant challenges to get there or do they anticipate any inside?

Does this prompt not really fit what you’re looking for today?  Check out some of my other prompts and see if they fit the bill.  Also if you happen to use this prompt, or any of my other prompts, I’d love to see your work.  Send me your link through social media or leave it in the comments below.   Remember, if you use my prompts everything you write is one hundred percent yours.  No credit necessary!

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