Writing Prompt #67

love on the brain

Writing Prompt #67

Love on the Brain

“Are you incapable of thinking of anything other than love?”
“Where would be the fun in that?”

Another romance inspired writing prompt is on today’s docket.  I think this one might have also popped into my brain around the same time as writing prompt #65.  In other words, I think I concocted this one out of mild exasperation with my Girl Scout troop.  However, I gave this one a more grown-up vibe.  I can see this prompt being used in a more humorous scene between two friends or possibly a romantic couple even.  Take some time and use this prompt to inspire your next flash fiction, scene, or chapter.

If this prompt isn’t really what you’re looking for, try browsing some of my other writing prompts here!  One of them might fit your needs a little better.    Remember!  Anything you write using my prompts as inspiration is one hundred percent yours.  No credit necessary!  If you’d like to share your writing with me though, I’d love to read it.  Share it with me on social media or drop a link to it in the comments below.

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