Writing Prompt #68


Writing Prompt #68


He conducted magic like music.  Ice and fire spells were his symphonies.

Here’s a fantasy writing prompt for you today!  Like many of my prompts, this one was inspired by a fantastic image.  This one in fact!  I’ve always been a huge fan of fantasy and I love a story with some good magic in it.  I also like magic and magic wielders who have a touch of finesse.  Use this writing prompt and focus on the imagery of your character casting his or her magic.

If this prompt isn’t quite what you’re looking for today, try browsing through some of my other writing prompts for more ideas.  Everything you write belongs to you one hundred percent with no need to credit me in any way.  However, if you’d like to share your work then connect with me on social media or drop a link to it here in the comments!

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