Writing Prompt #69


Writing Prompt #69

Monster Chef

“Forget master chef.  You’re a monster chef.”

Your last prompt for this week is most definitely a more humorous one.  If I’m being completely honest, I’m pretty sure that I took inspiration from a paper towel commercial for this writing prompt.  However, for your work, you might want to go a bit farther than cleaning household messes.  This might be an awesome one-liner for your sidekick after your hero totally annihilates the kitchen during a fight.  Or maybe a love interest tells the main character this after they ruin a romantic dinner.  See what you can come up with!

If this prompt isn’t what you’re looking for today, check out some of my previous writing prompts to see if any of them will fit the bill.  Remember, anything you write belongs to you one hundred percent.  No need to credit me in the slightest.  However, if you’d like to share it with me I’d love to read it!  Share it with me via social media or drop a link to it here in the comments of this post.

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