Writing Prompt #70


Writing Prompt #70


You are hired by the king to follow his daughter.  She’s been slipping into the woods and he suspects she’s meeting a lover.  When you follow her, you discover it’s not a lover but a dragon she’s meeting.

Happy New Year!  It’s been awhile but that’s okay.  A new year means a fresh start, so why not have a new prompt to go along with it.  Your prompt on this bright and first Monday of 2018 is a fantasy prompt.  With dragons.  I love dragons.  I’ve done a few of them in the past but this one has a distinctly royal flavor with a princess thrown in.  Your intrepid character could be a knight, a jester, a maid, or a magician.  What makes them the perfect candidate for this task?  What drew the king’s eye to this character originally?

If this prompt isn’t exactly what you’re looking for today try looking through my archives to peruse my previous writing prompts!  Remember, anything you write belongs solely to you.  No need to give credit for using the prompt.  However, if you’d like to share it with me drop me a link to your writing in the comments or on social media.

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