Writing Prompt #72


Writing Prompt #72


They live all over the world, from the deserts to the rainforests.  People call them guardians.  Nobody’s sure if they mean the girls themselves or the giant cats that follow them wherever they go.

Thank goodness it’s Friday!  First one of the new year.  Rounding off my latest rounds of prompts is one about guardians.  This happens to be inspired by a collection of pictures I’ve seen on Pinterest.  They all feature women of various ages with giant-sized tigers, lions, and panthers at their side.  With so many of these similar themed images, I speculated on a more connected storyline for them.  Maybe they’re chosen by some goddess to protect the world.  Although, I  could see the possibility of them being druids or rangers who protect magical artifacts.  Give me some more time and I will probably come up with two or three more ideas of my own.  If you’re looking for some worldbuilding ideas, this might be a cool one to develop!

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