Writing Prompt #73

desperately needed

Writing Prompt #73

Desperately Needed

The watched the scenery pass underneath the transport as they got closer to the settlement.  The case of supplies weighed heavily in his hand.  The survivors desperately needed them.

Your prompt this morning is a versatile one.  When I wrote it, I originally had a sci-fi setting/genre story in mind.  However, you could probably spin this as a fantasy prompt of some sort or even a horror story.  You could tell the story of a simple medic or delivery man going into a wasteland only to discover that the survivors he’d hoped to bring aide to have vanished.  You could also tell the story of what prompted the need for aid in the first place.  What was the tragedy that befell these people?  How did they find themselves in such dire straits?  Let your imagination run wild and carry you on whatever adventure this prompt takes you on.

Not really what you’re looking for at the moment?  I have tons of writing prompts from the past that might fit your needs better.  Remember, no matter what prompt you use there’s no need to credit me.  Everything you write belongs solely to you.  If you’d like to share your writing me, however, I’d love to see it.  Drop a link to it in the comments below or on one of my social media sites!

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