Writing Prompt #75


Writing Prompt #75


“Why would I be?”
“First time making a solo drop.  Kinda a big deal.”

Your final prompt for the week is a relatively open-ended one.  I think I actually based it on the same picture I based my “Desperately Needed” prompt.  However, this one has a slightly different tone behind it.  I can see the second of the two speakers being more confident.  It could all just be a front though.  What exactly is this unnamed individual dropping off and why is it a big deal?

If this prompt isn’t what you’re looking for today, take a look through my archive of writing prompts for inspiration.  Remember, everything you write belongs to you one hundred percent.  There’s no need to credit me at all.  However, if you use one of my prompts and want to share it with me, I’d love to see it.  You can post a link to your work below in the comments or send it to me via social media.

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