Writing Resource Websites: Happy Birthday from Me to You

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It’s January 13th!  Today I turn 27!  Do I feel any more like an adult?  No… not really.  Do I feel old?  Oh boy!  Do I ever!  That’s a discussion for another day though.  In honor of my birthday, I’d like to share some of my favorite writing resource websites.  Sort of like my happy birthday gift from me to you.

Writing Resource Websites


  • NaNoWriMo: I really enjoy NaNo.  It’s a marathon writing sprint through the month of November and has a fantastic community.  That community is most active during November.  However, a few stalwart people stick around through the entire year.  I like poking around whenever I need some advice and motivation to keep writing.  I did a post in the past about NaNo.  Check it out for more information!
  • Write Tribe: This is a nice facebook group to chat with other writers and make some writer friends.  If you have a question there are over a thousand writers to pick the brain of.  The admin also posts motivational quotes, writing prompts, and discussion starters for the community as a whole.
  • Scribophile: I’ve not had a chance to really try this community out but it’s been on my radar for a few years.  It’s been a NaNoWriMo sponsor for at least two years now and I hold a high amount of trust in NaNo sponsors.  Scribophile offers critiques from the writers in the community and allows writers to post their own works for critique.  There forums, groups, and contests as well.  The site offers a free service and paid service but the free service looks as though it’s not too terribly limited.  I personally can’t wait to check it out further.

Writing Advice

  • Thewritelife.com: I absolutely love, love, love this website.  It hosts articles detailing a whole array of writing topics.  Freelancing, marketing, and publishing are just a handful of things that you’ll find resources on.  They’re all written by experienced writers, authors, and bloggers who’ve been writing for awhile.  If you’ve never been, please be sure to check it out.  It’s at the top of my list to peruse whenever I have a question.
  • Well-storied.com: I’ve been following this blogger for a few years now.  I’ve always enjoyed her posts everything writer-ly related.  There are topics that range from writing craft to publishing to Scrivener tutorials. Definitely worth the quick check out.  If you really enjoy the writing resources on this website then you might also want to check out the facebook community set up for well-storied.com as well.
  • Bryndonovan.com: If you’re a fan of writing masterlists, this is a fantastic resource for you!  In fact, this happens to be one of my favorite writing resource websites.  There are some fantastic posts about writing certain kinds of characters, plot twists, conflicts, and “description thesauruses.”  Ever struggled with how to describe facial expressions or needed a gesture to round out your scene.  I totally have!  I usually pop over into these masterlists whenever I need some suggestions.

Writing Prompts

  • Thefakeredhead.com: I keep a Pinterest board with nothing but writing prompts on it.  Most of the prompts on that board come from this website.  They range from really silly to very serious.  I also love how versatile they are since I can see them being used in so many different contexts.  Also, these prompts are some of the most creative I’ve ever seen.
  • Promptuarium: This particular website has probably one of the biggest archives of writing prompts I’ve ever seen.  Need a paranormal prompt?  This site has you covered!  What about a fluffy romantic prompt?  Yep!  It’s got them too.  The site also features dialogue prompts and character banks if you need some inspiration in that department.
  • Writeroftheprompts: This is a fairly active Tumblr blog full of prompts, advice, quotes, and character banks.  I have so many prompts saved from this blog it’s not even funny.  Some of my favorite prompts that are featured on this blog are called “Kill the Cliche.”  It takes the usual tropes, stereotypes, and plot devices found in many stories and gives writers a specific challenge to turn them on their heads.  I’d personally love to read some stories written from these prompts!

Tumblr Blogs

  • Writing with Color: I follow a lot of Tumblr blogs about writing.  So, so many… However, when I think about my favorite writing resource websites, Writing with Color jumps to my mind pretty quickly.  Especially when I need help with writing about cultures, ethnicities, and races.  It is run by several mods who have very different backgrounds that offer answers to questions, tips on writing diversity in stories, and how to avoid harmful stereotypes.  I spent a lot of time there when working on character building for one of my stories.  Hands down one of the most useful resources on the internet!
  • Brynwrites: Honestly, I love this blog.  I love its moderator.  They go beyond and above when trying to help.  They post advice on a wide variety of writing topics and invite questions from other writers.  Not only are they super eager to give advice but they are incredibly friendly as well.  There must be hundreds of posts worth of writing advice on their blog.  Hundreds of posts that are incredibly well organized.  I’m still in awe over that.  They are fairly active in the Writeblr community and are widely respected for their knowledge and advice.  This is a blog that warrants a follow.
  • Just a Writing Aid: This definitely not just another writing aid!  The moderator of this blog answers questions for just about anything writing related.  Between Brynwrites and Just a Writing Aid, I think most of the posts I reblog come from these two blogs.  Just a Writing Aid compiles their posts in masterlists for easy navigation and reading.  They answer questions daily and are frequent posters in the writing advice tag and Writeblr community.

Final Words

Here you go!  Twelve writing resource websites!  Again, happy birthday from me to you.  One day I’ll have to make another post specifically about Tumblr blogs I think.  Narrowing them down to only a handful was incredibly difficult for me.  Actually, there are many more resources that I didn’t get to but are phenomenal as well.  I might have to do another similar post sometime in the future but that’s thought for another day.

If you happen to have any writing resource websites that I didn’t mention but think I should check out, please leave a comment below or send it to me via social media!  I’d love to check it out and see what else is out there.

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