Writing Prompt #76

new apartment

Writing Prompt #76

New Apartment

Fluffy really enjoyed the view from their new apartment.  Then again, watching Jupiter rise and starships passing right outside the window was pretty impressive.

After a brief break, I’m back with a new set of writing prompts!  This Monday’s prompt is hard and fast science fiction.  I grew up watching movies such as Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century and Star Wars.  Two very different kinds of sci-fi movies but pretty hard and fast examples.  For a large part of my childhood, life on a space station or ship fascinated me.  The mysteries of space are vast and exciting.  With the wide majority of space unexplored, it’s a writer’s paradise and a galaxy of possibilities exists.

Science fiction not really your cup of tea or don’t feel like writing about space station life?  Check out some of my other writing prompts in the archives.  Remember!  Anything you write belongs solely to you with no credit necessary.  However, if you want to share your writing with me I’d love to see it.  Drop a link to it here in the comments or connect with me on Tumblr.

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