Writing Prompt #77


Writing Prompt #77

The White Funeral Dress

She was the only one wearing white at the funeral.

Today’s writing prompt feels a bit ominous, bordering on the paranormal.    Usually, when I make my writing prompts, the picture that I use as a background for the prompt and the picture that initially inspires the prompt are completely different.  For this prompt, though, I couldn’t find a picture that worked as well as this one.  The way the people in the background seem to ignore the woman in the foreground and her fuzziness almost make it seem that she’s not really visible to anyone but the person holding the camera.  She smiles knowingly as if she has a secret.  Write that secret.  Tell us how she died.  Show us why she’s smiling at her own funeral.  Or take a completely different spin on this prompt.  Maybe she’s the wife or daughter of the deceased.  But why is she wearing white when everyone else wears black?

Spooky and paranormal not really what you’re looking for today?  Browse through my writing prompt archives for dozens of other prompts.  Remember!  Anything you write belongs solely to you with no need to credit.    However, if you want to share your writing with me I’d love to read it.  Drop me a link to your work in the comments below or send it to me via Tumblr.

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