Writing Prompt #78


Writing Prompt #78

Flirty Merman

Her day had been way too long to have to deal with a merman hitting on her.

Your last prompt for the week is a bit of a fun one.  I always see prompts about mermaids but very few about mermen.  I believe somewhere in the wide world of the internet, I’ve read that most of the early depictions of mermen were rather ugly.  However, many modern adaptations that I’ve seen make mermen just as handsome as their female equivalents.  Stories with mermen at the center of them are still in short supply though.  Use this prompt to inspire your next story.  Is your merman the kind of creature that would drag an unsuspecting sailor to their doom?  What are his motives?  How did your heroine even come to be in a position to gain the attention of this flirty merman? Maybe your heroine’s long day began with falling off a ship at sea.  Perhaps she just finished up a terrible date.

Mermen not really your cup of tea?  Check out some of my other writing prompts in the archive for more ideas to give your writing a kickstart.  As always, anything you write belongs solely to you.  You don’t need to credit anyone.  However, if you want to share your writing with me I’d love to read it.  Put a link to it in the comments below or connect with me on Tumblr.

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