Writing Prompt #79

warrior maiden

Writing Prompt #79

Warrior Maiden

She looked more like the kind of girl that was supposed to be protected.  Delicate features with a gentle smile.  Yet she stood there, holding a shield, preparing for battle.

Your prompt this morning happens to be one that I’ve used myself.  So often, many writers feel that the only way to write a “good” female character is to make them the proverbial badass.  However, is that truly what makes a female character interesting?  In order to be considered a strong female lead does a warrior maiden truly have to be this loud, tough, and standalone fighter?  The short answer is no.  Writers should play around with different types of characters regardless of gender, orientation, race, or physicality.  Your challenge today is to write about a girl or woman who doesn’t fit the traditional role of a warrior.  How can a quiet, soft-spoken noble born lady take up the mantle of defender of her people?  What does it look like when gentle farm girl with a kind smile and soft touch bears a shield at the front of a battle?  Tell their stories!

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