Writing Prompt #82


Writing Prompt #82


Your best friend takes you to a warehouse.  They hand you a gun and tell you to stand guard.  Ten minutes later, you hear a crash and your friend rushes out to tell you to run.  When you finally stop running, your friend is nowhere in sight.

Happy Wednesday!  Have a little drama for your writing prompt today.  I love a high octane action adventure.  Take some time to explore what these two characters are doing at this warehouse.  What are they looking for and does the lookout character even know what’s going on?  Is this a common occurrence for the two?  Talk about what the crash sound was and why they are running.  Is it a monster?  Some guards?  Other theives?  What happens to the other friend?  Why do they disappear?  What sort of adventure does this one crazy night spur?  That’s up to you to decide.

If a high octane heist gone wrong isn’t what you’re looking for try looking through some of my previous writing prompts in the archives.  There’s something there for just about every situation, from romance to fantasy and  horror to feel good fluff.  Remember, everything you write belongs to solely to you.  There’s no need credit me for the initial writing prompt.  However, if you would like to share it with me, I’d love to read it.  Drop a link to it below in the comments or send it to me via social media.

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